Full Room Makeover

How it works:

Are you entering a new phase in your life or moving into a new home? If so, this service is for you!

Our process begins with a quick phone call. The purpose of this call is for us to understand your project as well as set a date for your complimentary initial consultation. During our initial consultation, we will meet you at your home where you will take us on a tour and discuss how you would like your home to feel, and where you are stuck on achieving your vision. We recommend choosing a time when all decision makers will be able to participate as this helps the design process run smoothly. It’s a fun appointment where you get to go through all the dreams you have for your home. Your only homework before this meeting is to have an idea of what you would like to invest at this time for design solutions. That way we can advise you on what you can accomplish within your budget.

This service includes:

  • A walk through of your home to discuss your needs and wants
  • Lots of questions are asked for us to get to know your style and how you want the space to function
  • Measuring the rooms you wish to makeover
  • Measuring any existing pieces you wish to keep
  • Design of the room(s) are done back at the studio so that proper care is taken to recommend the right solutions
  • Presentation and a follow up appointment will be booked during this appointment.


Aurora Full Room Makeover King City Full Room Makeover

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