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Meet Divya Kambhoj

Interior decorating is my passion. I am devoted to creating both beautiful and functional spaces, by guiding you through an easy and convenient design process. You’ll love my personalized service, customized designs and the products I bring together especially for you. Whether you enjoy surrounding yourself with time-honored traditional design, or modern cutting-edge couture, it’s my ultimate goal to design spaces that reflect your taste and your lifestyle. I want to make your home all that it can be. 

I am passionate about interiors, fashion, and art and believes in creating spaces that are a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. Creating harmony and balance is one of the numerous skills I acquired during my earlier career in fashion.

I focus on providing turnkey solutions to your interior design needs. Listening to and understanding the your needs is of foremost importance to me. I’m known for my customized floor plans, and for helping you make most of you space. My design clients today benefit from my excellent attention to detail, an eye for trends, project management, and customer service.

Contact us today and let’s work together to make your home more beautiful one room at a time or