6 Ways to Add Colour to Your Design Without Going Over the Top


No matter what style your home is — boho, modern, cottage — attempting to add colour to your space without going overboard can be a balancing act. Colour has the ability to brighten and refresh any room while bringing a touch of fun your home may be lacking.

While adding new tones is exciting, it also leaves room for mishaps. If you’re attempting to bring new hues to your design without going over the top, try incorporating these colourful ideas:

1. Paint a wall

Painting every wall in your room can be daunting and time-consuming. Instead, paint just one wall and receive a similar effect. You can completely transform your area by adding colour to one of your walls and it’s less taxing than covering every single divider in a new coat of paint. When choosing a colour, you can either do a subtle tone change or really go bold with a bright hue. The important factor to keep in mind is the room’s pre-existing design. If it’s already very colour-heavy, pick a tint that will match and enhance that style rather than blind your friends and family. If your space is full of neutral shades, add a punchy colour like hunter green, mauve or navy blue.

2. Pick a new light fixture

A colourful light fixture serves two purposes: easy colour application and more warm light sources. Both of these elements are important to any room and can refresh your potentially dull space. When choosing a new lamp, keep your current colour choices in mind and pick a hue that can stand out. If you have a modern, neutral-coloured room, a bright lamp shade can really pop. For those of you with an already colourful room, purchase your light fixture in a less-used shade from your existing colour palette.

You might be surprised what a strategically placed throw pillow can do for your room.

3. Toss in bright pillows

You might be surprised what a strategically placed throw pillow can do for your room. If your sectional or chairs are neutral or earth-toned, incorporate different-sized pillows in vivid hues. Have fun experimenting with patterns and textures, but don’t go crazy — having too many colour or pattern choices can become an eye sore and look jarring. Start with three colours that work well together and add more only if you feel it will complement the current design.

4. Get a focal point furniture piece

For a room that needs a little colour , add a bright furniture piece to your layout. This could include a vibrant blue bookshelf, fuschia ottoman or any item that may be both functional and fun. If your room is already chock full of furniture, try replacing a current piece with a more colourful replacement — an easy way to refresh your entire room.

Colour has the ability to brighten any home.

5. Hang different artwork

Whether your walls have art hanging on them already or are in need of some decor, artwork is a great way to add colour and character to your room. For neutral walls, choose wall decor that is colourful and incorporates patterns or textures that draw attention. For a colourful wall, pick a tone that accentuates that existing colour. Be bold, but don’t overdo it by hanging multiple pieces with contrasting colours. A good rule of thumb is to choose a big, colourful wall decor item and select other smaller pieces based on the design of that bigger piece. That way, you can keep the design consistent throughout your room.

6. Connect with Ivish Interiors

It can be tricky to incorporate colour well and if you’re struggling, getting some design assistance is a great solution. Ivish Interiors can help you add just enough colour to help your room make an excellent impression and refresh your space.

Once you’ve contacted us, our design consultant will visit your home and get to know you and your personal style. After gaining an understanding of what you’re looking for in your space, your personal decorator will come up with a plan to make it happen.

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